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The Ghost of Black Valiant

The loyal dog of Count Vladimir Tsepish, Black Valiant remained to guard the Tsepish Manor even after the deaths of his master and his wife Elspeth Tsepish. When the Boogeyman set the mansion on fire, Black Valiant perished in the blaze. Even in death, his ghost continued to guard the mansion.

Initially, he viewed both Rosella and Valanice as a threat, though he did not materialize to the princess.

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Black Valiant

The queen gave him a bone, and the dog decided to befriend her. He explained what had happened to him and his family, and gave her Tsepish's Medal. Later, when the count and countess were returned to life, Black Valiant was also restored.

Real WorldEdit

Though only Valanice interacts with Black Valiant, he is seen by both characters in King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride.

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