Bill Batter is, likely, the leader of the Sense Gnomes although he follows behind the others in line. He is the most forceful and outspoken of the gnomes. He has enormous eyes that take up nearly the entirety of his face, although he keeps his eyes closed to prevent from straining them, and as such must follow his brothers as they travel across the Isle of Wonder. Alexander fooled Bill Batter by pouring Invisible Ink over himself.

Memorable Quotes:

  • "By all that's beauteous, fair, and sightly, four morons do I sleep with nightly! There's nothing here at all, I say! Enough of this, let's now away!"
  • "My eyes cannot distracted be. A man I see, and so say me!"
  • "Of all the senses, eyes are best! A man, I say and hang the rest!"

Real WorldEdit

Bill Batter is a character in King's Quest VI: Heir Today Gone Tomorrow.

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