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The Citizens of Beggar's Nest in Neverwinter are poorer than most of the other residents of the city. Since the Wailing Death began in their district of the city, their lives were affected the most heavily. After the plague began and the Waterdhavian Creatures escaped, zombies began to attack Beggar's Nest from within. This caused even more terror for the already traumatized district, until the Hero of Neverwinter found the cause of the zombies and put an end to the Wailing Death. The citizens of Beggar's Nest breathed easier.

Notable MembersEdit

Official DescriptionsEdit

  1. "This woman is obviously upset. From her haggard appearance, it is fair to surmise that the plague has turned her life upside down." (Woman, Ch. 1)
  2. "A common man of Neverwinter, this person wears simple clothes and the harried look of someone living in the shadow of plague." ("Examine" Descripton of a Commoner in Beggar's Nest, Ch. 1)
  3. "This person is clearly agitated. From his haggard appearance, it is fair to surmise that the plague has turned his life upside down." ("Examine" Description of a Patron/Refugee in the Shining Serpent, Ch. 1)

Real WorldEdit

The Beggar's Nest Citizens appear in the original campaign of Neverwinter Nights.

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