It is not known if 'Badders' are some kind of natural abomination or a mutation caused by the dark magic that leaks into the valley of Mordavia from the Dark One's Cave. These venomous creatures appear to be a hybrid of spiders and bats. Like bats, they are nocturnal creatures and fly about in swarms. They have the dadly poisons and eight legs, however, of spiders.

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "These weird creatures look like bats crossed with spiders; they are small, fast and come in flocks. They are relatively easy to kill, assuming you can hit them. Their bite is poisonous, and they attack by swooping by their prey and biting them in passing. After their prey falls, they all land on the corpse to feed." (Excerpt from the QfG4 Manual)

Real WorldEdit

Badders are the first monster encountered in Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness. After their initial encounter, however, they are a randomly encountered monster at night.

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