The Aura of the Fleet-Footed is a spell to aid thieves in their nimbleness.

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "Not all warriors and mages are great, and the same is true of rogues. One such failed thief was Jackamo of Haven, a fool of noble birth, that envied the quick and daring pickpockets he'd spy in the market. Knowing he'd never be able to match their cunning, he instead spent his entire fortune bribing an enchanter to carve a rune of agility into his boots. His career was still short and uneventful, but after his death the runes were stripped from his boots and passed among the thieving community, finally coming to rest in the temple's stores."

Real WorldEdit

The Aura of the Fleet-Footed is available for Haven on Facebook players in the Temple for 30 favor points. It grants players +15 strength, +30 agility, and +0 intelligence.

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