Aura of the Arcane
Powerful arcane symbols must be written on sacred paper. The power of the symbol is only as great as the power of the mage who drew the symbol. The Aura of the Arcane is created through use of a fairly new symbol and is still mysterious, and dangerous to the unwary.

Official DescriptionEdit

(This description is from the Haven game.)

  • "The symbol of the arcane must be inscribed on sacred parchment, and its power is only as great as the master who drew it. This particular symbol is newly made, but its power is daunting; only a true conjurer of the mystic should even attempt to harness its strength."

Real WorldEdit

The Aura of the Arcane was a limited edition item available to Haven on Facebook players from the Temple for 30 favor points. It gave +5 strength, +5 agility and +35 intelligence.

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