Arugi before his death.

Archaeologist Arugi was a human archaeologist researching the ancient Phyrran ruins. In his research, he discovered the mystical pendants that would ultimately unleash the demons upon the world. As a reward for inciting this, the Abtu-Kahn raised the human from death into an eternal unlife as Arugi the Digger.

Flavor TextEdit

  • Arugi the Digger
    "I wasn't able to get all the way to Phyrra, of course, but I found the most interesting object in a nearby ruin." (Archaeologist Arugi, fabled)
  • There are enough ruins scattered across the continent to keep an army of archaeologists busy for a generation. (Archaeologist Arugi, rare)
  • "If I had known unlife would still his tongue, he would have joined us much sooner." (Arugi the Digger, fabled)
  • As payment for helping unleash the demons into the world, the Abtu-Kahn made sure Arugi got the eternal life he deserved. (Arugi the Digger, rare)
  • "I wear and obey." -- Arugi (Cursed Medallion)
  • The archaeologist has proved most cooperative. His lore suggests the first of three mystical pendants can be found in the ruined palace of Korros. (From the campaign "A Storm is Coming")
  • "I've had a most interesting message from Arugi," he says. "Each of us holds information leading to a talisman of ultimate power." --Varu's Secret (From the campaign "A Storm is Coming")


Real WorldEdit

Archaeologist Arugi is a rare/fabled Human Hero card in Warstorm. Arugi the Digger is a rare/fabled Undead Hero card in the same game.

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