Artificer Daelo is a Draenei artificer and enginner. Despite attempting to turn Azure Watch from pieces of the wrecked Exodar into a habitable town, he is also willing to take the time to train aspiring engineers and sell them the tools they may need.


Draenei Artificer says: "How can I be expected to get any work done with that thing spreading its heresy?"
Artificer Daelo says: "I have much to do! Why can they not leave me to my work?"
Artificer Daelo says: "This won't work at all! The buildings will surely collapse if we do not shore up the support beams."
<The Draenei Artificer sighs disgustedly as he turns back to his work.>
Artificer Daelo says: "This won't do at all! We have to secure the foundation or the entire structure will crumble."
Artificer Daelo says: "This structure violates at least 8 different ordinances."
Artificer Daelo says: "I won't be held responsible for the catastrophe that will surely result from the haphazard maintenance of this building."
Artificer Daelo says: "Hrm, this looks much better. Let's look on the inside."
Artificer Daelo says: "By the foul teat of Kil'jaeden's rotted torso, the entire backside is blown out! How can someone be expected to live here? I've seen enough!"


Artificer Daelo sells:

Real WorldEdit

Artificer Daelo is a level 18 engineering trainer and an engineering supply vendor in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade.

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