Arne Saknoosan

Arne Saknoosan, or Uncanny Arne, is one of the sentient aardvark known as Earth Pigs that mine in the northern parts of the East Fricana Savannah. Arne serves as an explorer, a hunter, and a scout for the aardvarks, but is also an Aardvark Miner. He also creates a powerful brew from the formic acid of the Giant Ants of the area, which he drinks at night. This drink causes him to see strangely colored animals throughout the Savannah -- such as Violet Giraffes.

He met the Hero while the adventurer was camped in the Savannah. Arne had been investigating strange lights seen in the Jungle, particularly in the area of the Lost City, but had since returned to merely hunting for giant ants due to the agitation of the Leopardmen.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "The Savannah's kind of peaceful at night, 'cept for all those purple giraffes and green hippos. They get worse as it gets near to daytime. Think it has something to do with my drink."

Real WorldEdit

Arne Saknoosan is a character and an easter egg in Quest for Glory III: Wages of War.

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