Hero aria


Aside from being a powerful mage, capable of Mind Control, Aria is a very capable swordsman. She is a well-equipped adventurer, with both the Grimshaw Jewel and the Emerald Saber in her possession.

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "Aria was one of Lotus Ravenmoore's last known apprentices. Although she initially dedicated herself to learning the darker powers of wizardry, she has now turned a new leaf and uses her magic to protect Valeria." (Taken from Castle Age)

Real WorldEdit

Aria is a Hero available from the Oracle for low-level players with a cost of 30 favor points. She became available in December 2009. Depending on her level, she can increase a player's energy by 2 to 10. Her starting stats are 13 attack and 16 defense.

External LinksEdit

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