98px-Apprentice Vishael
Apprentice Vishael is a Draenei studying to become a botanist under Botanist Taerix. With her mentor, she survived the crash of the Exodar and found herself at the Crash Site. Almost immediately, she, Apprentice Tedon, and Taerix began to work on stopping the radiation from destroying all of Ammen Vale. When the Draenei adventurers offered their assistance it helped a great deal.

Concerned over the population of Root Lashers, and specifically the Mutated Root Lashers in the Vale, Vishael had the adventurers gather a few Corrupted Flowers. When she received enough samples, she paid the adventurers and began to study what effects the radiation had caused.

Real WorldEdit

Apprentice Vishael is a level 4 quest giver in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade.

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