Devon Aidendale faces an Apeman

The Apemen of East Fricana are a savage, primal race. It is unknown whether they are in the process of evolving into men or devolving into apes. They inhabit the Lost City in the Jungle, and long enslaved the monkeys to do their bidding.

When the World Gate opened in their city, the Apemen were powerless to stop the demons and soon became servants of the demonic forces. The monkeys, led by Manu took this opportunity to escape from the Lost City.

Like the monkeys, the Apemen seem to be able to cross the Great Waterfall, however it is unknown if they use the same Waterfall Crossing or if they have other means.

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "While it is not clear if these are apes ascending to men or men descending to apes, Apemen combine the brute strength and toughness of the anthropoid with the stupidity and cantankerousness of the humanoid." (Excerpt from QfG3 Manual)

Real WorldEdit

Apemen are a randomly encountered monster in Quest for Glory III: Wages of War. They can also be seen and battled, if the player is not careful, during the climactic infiltration of the Lost City.

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