King Antony

King Antony the Great

King Antony the Great ruled over the ants of the Sovereignty of Serenia from his extravagant anthill. When a stray dog attacked the anthill after wandering out of the desert, Graham distracted the dog with a stick which he tossed in the desert. The dog went to fetch the stick, and disappeared into the sand dunes. Antony, grateful to the human for his help and able to speak with the human thanks to the white snakeskin which Graham had ingested, pledged that he and his ants would come to his aid in the future.

King Antony and his followers soon discovered Graham sifting through a haystack outside of the Swarthy Hog Inn. To aid their friend, they swarmed through the haystack singing:

"We're the ants under King Antony
We're coming to help King Graham!"

They discovered a Golden Needle which Antony presented to his human friend.

Real WorldEdit

King Antony appears in King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder.

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