Anna as a ghost

Though Anna was in love and married to Nikolai, she was a friend to everyone in the Town of Mordavia. She even helped Dr Cranium get supplies for his experiments in the woods. It was on one of these ventures into the wilderness that she was killed, although she did not realize it. Her spirit began to haunt the site of her death, unable to recall who she was or why she was there.

The Prince of Shapeir found her ghost and worked to free her restless spirit. First, he informed her of her death -- a fact that allowed her to remember her life. Though she was distraught, she told the Hero what she could remember. Using this knowledge, the Hero sought out her husband. Though he perished in the woods during his search for her ghost, their two spirits were reunited at last and were able to rest.

Real WorldEdit

Anna is a character in Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness, and is part of a task that is vital to the successful completion of the game.

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