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Anchorite Fateema is a Draenei priestess who also teaches and administers First Aid. When a Night Elf member of Admiral Odesyus' crew was discovered, injured, on the shore of Crystalbrook Fateema took it upon herself to care for her wounds. She had discovered that the Root Trappers had medicinal properties, which she hoped would help.

She asked the Draenei adventurers to obtain several Root Trapper Vines to use as a treatment. When this was done, she created an ointment and applied it to her patient. Unfortunately, it was ineffective against the Night Elf's wounds.

When the adventurers were being recognized for their deeds in Blood Watch, Fateema attended the ceremony.

Real WorldEdit

Anchorite Fateema is a level 8 First Aid Trainer and Quest Giver in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. She may be named after Fatima, a daughter of Muhammed in the Islamic faith.

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