Anastasia, often called Possum, was a young girl living in Western Kolyma, unaware of the part she played in the political battles of that land. Her parents, Lady Lillian and Lord Herbert, had been killed at a young age by the Brotherhood of the Pack and she was raised by her grandmother. When Lavidia fell ill, Possum collected a basket of yellow flowers, as giving an ailing person yellow flowers is a tradition in Kolyma. She lost the basket in the woods, but shortly afterwards ran into Graham who had just arrived in the kingdom. He found the basket for her, and in return she gave him a handful of the flowers she had collected.

Later that day, Possum went into the Town of Kolyma and bought chicken soup for her grandmother. When she traveled back towards her grandmother's home, the Little Dwarf stole the soup from her. Graham stumbled upon Possum shortly afterwards, finding her very distraught in the woods. He sent her home, and then retrieved the soup himself. He brought it to Grandma's Cottage while Possum slept.


Anastasia as a Vampire

During that night, Count Caldaur turned both Lavidia and Possum into vampires. The process aged Anastasia into a young woman. Her childish looks gone, she abandoned her nickname in favor of her real name. She encountered Graham once again soon after, in the library of Castle Caldaur. Though utterly illiterate, she was trying to read the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Graham explained to her what happened in the story. In thanks, she helped Graham get the key hidden in the bookcase of the library. Then she asked him for a final favor, to bring a ring to the grave of her parents. Graham did so, and the ghosts of her parents were finally able to rest.

During Graham's wedding to Valanice, he noted that Anastasia had the Little Dwarf on a leash. This was presumably revenge for the problems he had caused her in her life.

Real WorldEdit

Anastasia or "Possum" exists only in the AGDI remake called King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones although she is based, loosely, on the original King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne character of Little Red Riding Hood. Possum's name is derived from a book called Possum Magic but her character is based on that of Little Red Riding Hood in the original version of the game.

Anastasia is presumably derived from the famous stories of Anastasia, the daughter of the last Czar of Russia (Nicholas II), who was believed for many years to have escaped the revolution and disappeared.

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