Amun-Zora is a captain from the Free City of Doom. When the Empire of Tears invaded and the city fell under attack by the Weepies, Amun-Zora traveled to the Empire of Blood to seek aid. During the beginning of Elan's celebration, she implored Tarquin for aid. He informed her that he had sent dragons to join the battle, although he failed to specify which side of the battle they would be participating in.

He strongly insinuated that he would require sex in return for this, and Amun-Zora is known to have visited his room on two occasions following this, though whether or not she engaged in sexual activities with him remains unknown. It is known that Tarquin proposed to her on both occasions, and she rejected him on the grounds that she was already married to a guard on the South Wall. The general had the guard slain to solve that problem.

When the dragons arrived in the Free City of Doom and began slaughtering the defenders, as well as opening the gates for the Weepies, all of the residents of the city had been massacred by noon of that day. Amun-Zora learned of this from a Sending spell, and immediately attacked Tarquin. Guards arrived and took Amun-Zora to a tower to be tortured until she finally agrees to marry Tarquin or dies.

When the Linear Guild ambushed the Order of the Stick, she was freed in the duel between Elan and Nale. After initially attacking Nale, they discovered they both hated Elan and Tarquin and put their blades aside. She left to bring word to her homeland.

Real WorldEdit

Amun-Zora is a character from The Order of the Stick web comic. She first appears in Comic 742.

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