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Amren (or Amren the Absent, for his long journeys away from his home) is a famed Edhel adventurer, skilled with the bow and wise beyond his years. His visions came much more clearly to him than even to most others of his race, although they give him tremendous and agonizing migraines once they have passed. Even in his hometown of Aman'lu, most had only heard of his reputation -- which had propelled him into legends even by the time that Valdis came to power and earned him the respect and trust of the Greilyn Dryads.
When Valdis came to power, Amren readily joined the Resistance against him. He was among the first to do so, even before most knew it was necessary. It was this affiliation that led him to the Siege of Greilyn Beach, where he caught sight of Drevin and the soon-to-be Champion of the Third Age. Though they were enemies, he found himself unable to kill them.

When one of the two was soon discovered alive amongst the destruction caused by Valdis, Amren convinced Warden Celia to give him a chance to turn turncoat and aid the resistance. The mercenary did as he was bid and soon found himself leading the fight against Valdis. Amren joined the Champion in Aman'lu shortly after Valdis attacked the town. While journeying with the party, Amren found a deep respect for the thoughtful Lothar and worked to express his fond feelings for Finala, though never seemed able to. He did, however, experience a vision which led him to discover that each member of the group was, surprisingly, a descendant of the Azunites.

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After the Second Cataclysm, Amren was devastated by the loss of his visions. He traveled Aranna seeking to undo the damage caused by the apocalyptic event and looking for the Overmage. His quests were unsuccessful, and eventually he found his way to a Dryad Outpost where he encountered the other members of his former party. They joined forces once more, seeking out and eventually defeating the Overmage.

Afterwards, Amren traveled to the kingdom of Ehb where he helped the Mining Guild establish their rescue expedition for the Glorydeep Dwarves. Amren spent the remainder of his life in Ehb, living with the dwarves there. He never received another vision, but with the help of the dwarves he was able to better deal with his loss.

Real WorldEdit

Amren is a companion available to players of Dungeon Siege II at the beginning of Chapter 2. In the mercenary difficulty setting he begins at level 20 with 20 levels of ranged combat. His personal quest, Amren's Vision is begun by himself once the party nears any of the mushroom circles.

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