Amelia Appleberry is the healer of Spielburg Valley. She lives in a small house outside of the town of Spielburg, on the road to Castle Spielburg. From here she concocts various potions and ointments and heals the residents of the valley when they are wounded. She shares this dwelling with her pet Pterosaur Pterry.

When the Spielburg Brigands wounded Henrich Pferdefedern, the Brigand Leader brought the injured centaur to Amelia. She was able to treat his wound, although his leg did not heal perfectly. She was astounded that the Brigand Leader had brought the victim to her.

Some time later, she lost her favorite ring. After searching for it, she posted a notice asking for its return in the Spielburg Adventurers Guild. An unknown Hero found the ring shortly after arriving in the valley. As his adventures continued, he collected ingredients for a dispel potion. When the ingredients were collected, Amelia brewed the potion for the adventurer.

Real WorldEdit

Amelia Appleberry is a character in Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero?

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