Ali al-Din Hasan is the weak-willed younger brother of Arus al-Din and the father of Zayishah. What little influence he held in the city of Raseir was relatively unknown before the arrival of Ad Avis. When Ad Avis transformed Arus al-Din into a Riding Saurus, he placed Ali al-Din Hasan on the throne.

Although he was, officially, the true ruler of Raseir, Ali al-Din Hasan was little more than a puppet to Ad Avis and Khaveen. When Sharaf and the Raseirian Underground finally rose up against their oppressors, Mayzun and Devon found Ali al-Din Hasan hiding in his bedroom in the Raseirian Palace. By the morning, he declared the reign of Ad Avis and Khaveen to be ended, and commanded that the fighting cease.

He was removed as emir, and the position was given to Zayishah.

Real WorldEdit

Ali al-Din Hasan is a character mentioned several times over the course of Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire, but he is never seen.

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