Algher Mhankur is an adventurous Utraean scribe who became an apprentice to Therg the Historian, alongside Jharmaya. They uncovered the Stone of Lhaoc, but were set upon by Hassat. When the Shadow Jumper and his minions made their way past the battle, Jharmaya followed them in the hopes of rectifying the damage caused by the Utraeans -- leaving Algher to fend for himself. Though he survived, the Stone of Lhaoc was stolen.

Algher's aunt Ezmera sent the Heroes of Utrae in search of him after they defeated the Zaurask at Illicor. They found him at the Dig Site, still besieged by Hassat. They rescued him, and he joined their quest. He also urged them to recover the stolen Stone of Lhaoc that the Hassat had stolen. Even after this quest had been completed, he continued to fight with them until the Shadow Jumper had been defeated.

Real WorldEdit

Algher Mhankur is a character from Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna, who is able to join the player's party. He begins with skill in both melee and ranged combat and with Hassat Skin Robes and a Short Recurve.

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