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Aldo is a Halfling residing within Beggar's Nest in Neverwinter. When zombies overtook the district, he became paranoid as a means of survival. He packed his family and their belongings into a wagon and attempted to make a hasty retreat into the City Core. The wagon, unfortunately, broke and so he sent Hector out to retrieve parts. His wife Mattily, furious about her husband's materialism, began to lay into him.

While Hector was gone, the Hero of Neverwinter appeared. Nervous, Aldo made an attempt to protect his belongings before realizing that the Hero was in fact, alive. Satisfied, he asked if the adventurer could find Hector and bring him back -- hopefully with wagon parts. When the Hero returned with Hector but no wagon parts, Aldo finally agreed with his wife that the wagon should be left behind and they had better all make a run for it. Aldo and his entire family managed to reach the gates of Beggar's Nest safely.

(If Hector does not survive to be reunited with the family, Aldo and Mattily will still flee, although Aldo will be even grumpier. The Hero can offer to escort Aldo to the Shining Serpent Inn or to the Temple of Helm but he will refuse both options.)

Official DescriptionsEdit

  • "This halfling stares back at you with accusing eyes, obviously not trusting a soul a single step more than he has to." (Ch. 1)

Real WorldEdit

Aldo is a character who appears in the original Neverwinter Nights campaign.

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