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Alamar Grimm is a gnomish warlock who lived in Anvilmar in the Coldridge Valley of Dun Morogh. He blames the actions of other adventuring classes for the fall of Gnomeregan, believing that warlocks could have prevented the disaster. As such, he is very willing to pass on what he knows of fel magic to adventurers. He is also mistrustful of Ironforge Dwarves and humans.

The young gnomish warlock who would one day become one of the Heroes of the Alliance brought a Tainted Memorandum to Alamar, who immediately befriended the warlock and agreed to teach him basic spells including the ability to summon an imp as well as more basic spells like Corruption, Immolate, and Life Tap. He sought the Feather Charms that Frostmane Novices carry and employed the young warlock to obtain them for him.

As Operation: Gnomeregan went underway, Alamar relocated to New Tinkertown and continues to train gnomish warlocks there. He sent a warlock survivor to meet with High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque. Afterwards, he taught the new recruit how to immolate training dummies.

Real WorldEdit

Alamar Grimm is a level 5 warlock trainer from World of Warcraft.

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