Air Elemental in the AGDI VGA remake

Air Elementals are creatures comprised entirely out of the element of air. They are defined by their freedom, movement allows it to grow in its destructive powers. The opposite element of earth is the only means to prevent this. Like all elementals, Air Elementals cannot truly be destroyed but they can be contained and in doing so, forced to bend to the will of a master.

Ad Avis sent an Air Elemental to destroy Shapeir after his fire elemental was defeat. The Hero caught the elemental with some Fooler's Earth he had received from Keapon Laffin (or with dirt from Lasham) and then captured it in a Bellows he had obtained from Issur Usher. Later, he used the air elemental to blow the water elemental out of the Fountain of Shapeir.

Real WorldEdit

The air elemental is the second elemental the player must face in Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire.

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