Agent 58

Agent 58 in Sneevil disguise

Agent 58
is an undercover agent who expertly infiltrated the Sneevils of Sho Nuff Island. The Hero of Falconreach encountered him while seeking information about Drakath and the Wind Orb for Captain Rhubarb.

Later, when the Wind Orb was threatened by Drakath once more and also by Okuchi No Okami and his army of Sneevils, Agent 58 threw a sai at the Wind Orb to disrupt its power. His cover maintained, it is likely he remained amongst Okuchi No Okami's Sneevils.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "I think it was Steve!"

Real WorldEdit

Agent 58 is an NPC who appears in two quests in Dragon Fable -- Box of Ninjas and Jewel of the Four Winds.

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