Adria is a powerful and mysterious witch living on the outskirts of the town of Tristram. When the demonic presence began and most of the townsfolk were fleeing, she arrived, seemingly overnight. She offered some magical help to the adventurers who arrived to fight the evil found within the Tristram Cathedral, as well as having a mysterious access to mystical supplies that made even the stalwart Griswold wary of her. She also asked them to bring her a Black Mushroom after she learned they could be a potent ingredient for a brew she was devising. She also provided Lester the Farmer with a Rune Bomb.

After the Dark Wanderer defeated Diablo, she had visions of his corruption and the fall of Tristram. Recognizing the danger, she fled and thus survived the attack, although she has not been seen since.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "I sense a soul in search of answers."

Real WorldEdit

Adria was an NPC in the first Diablo game who was central in the Black Mushroom quest. She provided a magic store for players and a few quests. She is planned to appear again in Diablo III.

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