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Admiral Odesyus is a human naval commander for the Alliance. Though hailing from Stormwind, he sails with an eclectic crew comprised of all the races of the Alliance. Though he generally amiably, he has a contentious relationship with "Cookie" McWeaksauce.

His crew found themselves on the Azuremyst Isles shortly after the Exodar crashed there, betrayed by one of their own and attacked by goblins of the Venture Co. The Draenei of Azure Watch discovered an injured member of his crew by Crystalbrook. While attempting to aid her, a band of young adventurers found their way to Odesyus' Landing. As ambassadors of the Draenei, they met the captain who immediately dispatched one of his men to Azure Watch to retrieve their comrade.

In the mean time, the Admiral put the adventurers to work in order to prove their trustworthiness to the Alliance. The Venture Co. had stolen his Nautical Compass and Nautical Map, he sent the adventurers to retrieve them. When they did so, the Admiral discovered orders from Mogul Razdunk rolled up in the map. This revealed that there was a traitor to him -- determined to reach the bottom of the mystery quickly, he sent the adventurers to retrieve a Hollowed Out Tree and several Piles of Leaves in order to construct the perfect disguise. An adventurer, disguised as a tree, hid to discover the traitor meeting with Geezle.

With the knowledge that Engineer "Spark" Overgrind was the villain, the adventurer returned and the Admiral sent the band of would-be heroes to confront the treacherous gnome. A brief fight ensued, and the heroes returned after the gnome's death with a brief document from Kael'thas Sunstrider. Admiral Odesyus recognized the threat posed to the Draenei immediately, and sent the adventurers back to Azure Watch to warn their people.

Later, when the Bloodmyst Isles and Azuremyst Isles had been saved from the Blood Elves, the Admiral traveled to Blood Watch to watch the Draenei adventurers be recognized for their deeds.

Real WorldEdit

Admiral Odesyus is a level 60 quest giver in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. He is named after Odysseus, a legendary hero from Homer's epics The Illiad and The Odyssey.

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