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Adlin Pridedrift is a Dwarven merchant who sells a variety of general goods in Coldridge Valley. He is related to Nori Pridedrift, who provides the mugs for Adlin's delivery business. He also has a business delivering warm brews to the dwarves of the valley. When he realized he would not be able to reach Durnan Furcutter in time for his drink to still be hot, he sent Durnan's Scalding Mornbrew to Anvilmar with a fledgling adventurers. After running the errand, they returned with the mug.

He remained in Coldridge Valley even after the Shattering.


His usual stock of items for sale includes...

Real WorldEdit

Adlin Pridedrift is a level 5 general goods vendor found in the Dwarf starting zone in World of Warcraft.

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