Adella is the leader of the camp at Shadebough in Feralas.

Adventurers reported to her under orders from Lady Shandris Feathermoon. Under Shandris' orders, Adella ordered an attack on the Woodpaw Gnolls, asking the adventurers to bring her ten Woodpaw Manes as proof of their success. Afterwards, she tasked the adventurers with slaying several Woodpaw Alphas.

With the the threat of the gnolls lessened, she sent the adventurers into a nearby insect hive -- to discover whether or not the enormous insects were in fact Silithids. When the adventurers brought a number of Zukk'ash Carapaces to her, they confirmed her suspicions. She sent the adventurers to slay Stinglasher, which seemed to be directing the Silithid workers.

Adella also sent the adventurers to keep the Gordunni Ogres from reestablishing a foothold in Feralas, having them kill a number of Gordunni Hillguard. She also sent them to slay Bigfist, the yeti being held by the ogres, before it could be trained to do their bidding, as well as the Gordunni Tamers holding it.

When several of her scouts were attacked by Corrupted Dryads, she sent the adventurers to handle the situation with force. At Ysondre's request, Adella then sent the adventurers to meet the dragon atop the Emerald Summit. When the adventurers returned, Adella presented them with rewards sent from Lady Shandris herself.

Real WorldEdit

Adella is a level 38 quest giver in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

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