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Adelard Took was born to Flambard Took in the year TA 2928. During his life, he had two sons himself -- Reginard Took and Everard Took as well as three daughters. He was known to be a borrower of umbrellas -- particularly from Bag End where he visited often.

At Bilbo Baggins' Farewell Birthday Party, the clever Hobbit left Adelard an umbrella "for his VERY OWN".

Adelard was the librarian of Tuckborough, and as such was often sought for information. When a copy of the Founding Writ of the Shire was discovered, Adelard sent for it immediately. Adventurers came to him seeking the Founding Writ, but he was forced to admit that Belco Brockhouse had obtained the writ and was not giving it up. He sent the adventurers to get the writ from the farmer.

Later, Adelard admitted to the adventurers that he believed his library was haunted by the ghost of the Old Took. He believed, at first, that bringing the ghost several bear pelts would put the spirit to rest and asked the adventurers if they would do this. When that failed, Adelard thought that the Old Took's favorite food might calm the spirit. He tasked the adventurers with procuring Spiced Boar Ribs for the ghost. When this, too, failed Adelard recalled that he had sent a firework that had belonged to the Old Took off to the Mathom-house. Sure that this was what had upset the spirit, he sent the adventurers to retrieve it from Keeper Brombard Foxtail. The adventurers then fired off the rocket, in the hopes that it would please the spirit. Finally, as a last resort, Adelard sent the adventurers into his library to confront the ghost -- which, as it turned out, was a squirrel. Adelard was embarrassed by the incident and asked that it never be told to anyone.

Adelard survived the War of the Ring and eventually died in the year FO 2 -- the same year that Frodo Gamgee was born. He was 95 years old.

Real WorldEdit

Adelard Took is a minor character in the Lord of the Rings books, appearing in The Fellowship of the Ring but also appears in the game Lord of the Rings Online.

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