Addie Wheatley
Addie Wheatley is one of the poor residents of Bree, frequently seen in the Beggar's Alley. When adventurers encountered her, she was concerned about her sons who had gone missing.

Her adventurous son Malin Wheatley had entered the Barrow-downs in search of treasure. When he did not return, she sent her son Amlach Wheatley to find him. He, too, did not return. As such, the worried mother sent adventurers to the Dead Man's Perch to find him. At Amlach's camp, they found Amlach's Tattered Journal which they then brought back to Addie.

After reading the book, Addie asked the adventurers to head out once more in the hopes that Malin was still alive. The adventurers set out to save Malin from whatever evil had slain his brother.

Real WorldEdit

Addie Wheatley is a quest-giver in Lord of the Rings Online.

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