Achilios is a tall, wiry hunter with a natural gift for using the bow. He is known to be the best hunter in all of Seram. He is best friends with Uldyssian and is in love with Serenthia.

The adventures of Achilios began when he discovered a mysterious object in the woods. When he touched the object, he felt an emptiness akin to death.

Later, Achilios joined Uldyssian to help bring down the Triune and the Cathedral of Light. When the adventurous party stayed in Partha, Achilios befriended Cedric.

Malic, as a member of the Triune, laid a curse on Achilios' bow that it might always miss its target. Despite this, Achilios' great skill allowed him to overcome the magic. This did not save him from being killed by his own arrow whilst fighting Lucion (Diablo)Lucion. He was buried in the wilderness.

At some point, Rathma resurrected Achilios as an undead being with the hopes that he would continue to assist Mendeln and the rest of his friends against the Triune and Lilith. While involved in this quest, Achilios fought off Triune assassins and helped expel Lilith from Serenthia's body.

Afterwards, Tyrael imbues Achilios with holy power, which forces Achilios to obey the angels instead of Rathma. He was commanded to kill his allies, but Achilios' love for Serenthia and strong will allowed him to overcome this order and aid his friends at the Battle of the Golden Path.

When Uldyssian sacrificed himself, Achilios was restored to life.

Real WorldEdit

Achilios is a character seen in most of the Sin War Trilogy.

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