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Absolix is the only entity to have ever been formed by uncreation and was an experiment by Ryuusei Cartwright after he was revived from death. Ryuusei wishes primarily to observe, and -- as father of Absolix -- wants his creation to be permitted to make its own mistakes.

Absolix seemed to be evil, with a desire to take over the world. Though he was punished for this by his father, Absolix had to be defeated by the Hero of Lore. When it was revealed that Absolix had not perished in the battle, Ryuusei hoped that his child had learned to be good.

Official DescriptionEdit

  • "The only being to ever come into existence by being uncreated, Absolix is an experiment of Ryuusei Cartwright, once a servant of the Devourer The`Galin, who is curious as to how Lore will handle his new threat."

Real WorldEdit

Absolix is a boss encounter in AdventureQuest.

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