Abhuki is a Khajiit innkeeper and mage, specializing in the Alteration School of magic. She maintains the Faregyl Inn, where she is so dedicated she even sleeps behind the bar. Though she is able to train some in the magic of Alteration, she is not a master and cannot train the most adept -- once students have surpassed her skill, however, she is more than happy to send them to learn from even more skilled mages.


  • "Tooth-in-the-Sea can teach you more than I. Search for him north of Bravil, along the coast of Niben Bay. Or perhaps in it, depending on his mood."
  • "Seek out Tooth-in-the-Sea. He can train you further."
  • "A bed you seek? There is one here for you, if you have the 10 gold to rent it."
  • "You do not have the money for me, so I do not have a room for you."
  • "Up the stairs you must go, to the first door on your right. That is your room for the night."
  • "You have rented the only room I have for you."

Real WorldEdit

Abhuki is an NPC in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

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