Abernath was an apprentice mage to the Circle of Magi and a close friend to Veness. He hails from Fereldan and lives in the Circle Tower, though not much else is known about his past.

Abernath's friendship to Veness proved invaluable to her when she struggled over her affair with the Templar Sadatt. Though he was jealous of the relationship, he put his feelings aside to warn her of the potential danger the relationship posed to both parties. Sadatt believed that the conversation was something more than it was, and avoided Veness for eight months out of his own jealousy.

After those eight months, the Templars dicovered that Veness was with child. Abernath offered to claim the child as his and accept the consequences, but when it was revealed that the Templars would take the child into the Chantry Veness fled.

The fate of Abernath after this is unknown.

Real WorldEdit

Abernath is a character in the Dragon Age Comic.

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