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Spymaster Aarin Gend is a loyal agent of Lord Nasher Alagondar, serving as the spymaster for the city of Neverwinter in Faerûn although in truth he is also a prisoner.

Aarin Gend avenged the murder of his mother, though he was ashamed of the killing. He then came to the attention of the pirate Randall the Red, who took him aboard as his navigator. Aarin proved his worth to Randall many times, until he eventually allowed the pirate to be caught by Lord Nasher. Aarin was arrested, and as part of his sentence, conscripted into service for the Lord of Neverwinter.

While serving out his sentence, Aarin was ordered to kill Calliara, the leader of the local thieves guild. While learning about his target, the two fell in love. Unwilling to follow through with his task, Aarin confessed to his lover that he was meant to kill her unless she fled or abandoned her life of crime. She refused, however, forcing Aarin's hand. When he, likewise, refused to abandon Lord Nasher the two dueled. Aarin won, killing her in an action that continued to haunt him for years.

When the Wailing Death was cured, Aarin was placed, with Aribeth de Tylmarande, in charge of the investigation of the cult that had caused the magical attack on the city. During the course of the investigation, he fell in love with one of the adventurers aiding him.

Real WorldEdit

Aarin Gend is one of the characters of the original campaign of Neverwinter Nights. If the player's character is female, she may pursue a romance with Aarin Gend -- although in the canon established by Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark the Hero of Neverwinter was a male adventurer.

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